OLGA TITUS | Hybrids



For the opening of its new space in the Quartier des Bains in Geneva, the Studio Sandra Recio is pleased to present HYBRIDS, a solo show by Swiss-Indian artist Olga Titus: videos, installations and heterogeneous objects drag us into an imaginary world full of colors and kitsch, where a joyful humor, sometimes tinged with black, surprises and questions…

In a stone quarry, messengers from another civilization tell their wish to bring peace… The atmosphere is dense and dusty in this quasi futuristic world – however, still furnished with Formica tables – where cosmic men with strange powers wish to embed. Olga Titus’ recent and baffling video, Hybrids, deals with themes and notions dear to her – the identity, the quest of origins and the individuality.

« Special Mention » at the 18. Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur and nominated to the Zürcher Filmstiftung’s Cadrage prize, the Oh My ! video plays with clichés and imaginaries from Titus’ double heritage : product of a broad iconographic research mainly made on the internet, the sublim representations of Swiss mountains meet, by using the technic of collage, various Indian tales characters or divine entities. From these dreamlike combinations, it results in a subbtle manner a general questionning about the multiculturality of an indivual, of a country.

A puzzle coming back from the ‘70s and made by 5'000 pieces forms the video object Habitus Artifex. Small gaps, deliberetly left, allow the viewing of a curious film. Narrated in German like an animal documentary, we discover the gently derisory life of an artist, a « homo artifex »: the first cup of coffee early in the morning; the few moments surfing on the internet; the long hours of doubts until the sudden inspiration comes that allows the completion of a masterpiece.

In the video object Triangel, Olga Titus, dressed in an African traditional robe, plays an imaginary instrument quite surprising: a triangle made of drinking straws. The melody is familiar… « No Limit », hit song of 2 Unlimited, music Belgium-Dutch group from the early 90’.

Hybrids, because it is a mix of various cultures, materials – brand-new or old fashioned ones – and mediums, Olga Titus’ artistic work cleverly swings between derision, humour and seriousness.