Johanna Abraham | Christine Boillat | Tami Ichino | Stéphanie Jeannet

The Studio Sandra Recio accompanies the sunny days with a summer exhibition gathering the artists Johanna Abraham, Christine Boillat, Tami Ichino and Stéphanie Jeannet around a common topic: the dream

Johanna ABRAHAM (*1978)

The paint seeps, the colors blend and overflow… The hazy aquarelles of Johanna Abraham are read like a study, the study of the relationship between paint, paper and time. Between the known and the unknown, between the random and the though through brush stroke, the spectator will perceive what he wishes to. Similarly to Rorschach texts, disregarding the symmetry. By exploring the paper and time, the artist searches for the soul.

Christine BOILLAT (*1978)

There is a party in Christine Boillat’s work. A rather peculiar party, a little sad, a little gay, like a sour music sung by an unsteadily voice. At first you see a halo of light, colored lampposts; as you get closer to the installation, you perceive iridescent colors; if looked at even more precisely, a swarming of corpses appear. Alongside them scraps of decomposed fruit. Here, flies busy feeding themselves on the remains of a bird; there, a ballet preformed by mosquitos. These well-studied scenes are both dream-like and familiar and not at all repulsive. On the contrary, they are charming […] 

Lorette Coen, journalist

Tami ICHINO (*1978)

Tami Ichino’s paintings open on fragments of the sky, like questions on the infinite, the invisible. In front of these azure surfaces, crossed by plane wakes or pierced by the light of stars, the stare wonders, looking to explore mysterious depths. […] The silence wraps up these canvases on which an object made improper by its isolation and its decontextualization occasionally breaks through. A weathercock, a watch, a golf flag, a branch or a wheat spike, are all seen from the bottom to the top, as if to suggest the real subject of the painting. […] Free of superfluous details, these objects containing essential lines become emblematic, sources of inspiration; they are the witnesses of an invisible reality, to which their presence can almost make tangible.

Nicole Kunz, director of La Ferme de la Chapelle

Stéphanie JEANNET (*1981)

Stéphanie Jeannet lives in a universe created by dreams, told gently, with some jumps of scale, crumpled up records composed by a couple of pencil strokes which are perfectly mastered within the flexibility of the paper. Small or large, her drawings have the scent of turpentine to have been nuanced by tints here and there. Their colors mark the eye; bring you in the depths of a singular world. […] Between finished and in the making, Stéphanie Jeannet’s style is to be read like an aesthetic of surprise that gives privileges to the unusual and the bizarre.

Karine Tissot, director of Centre d’art contemporain d’Yverdon-les-bains

For all images © Emma Castelbolognese